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The Medical Association of the State of Alabama exists to serve, lead and unite physicians in promoting the highest quality of health care for the people of Alabama through advocacy, information and education.


Research has shown that career fulfillment among physicians closely correlates with patient satisfaction. Given the relationship, it is concerning that dissatisfaction and burn out are on the rise among physicians. In a 2012 online poll of more than 24,000 physicians across the country, only 54% would choose medicine again as a career and more than 7,000 physicians reported at least one symptom of burnout.  Today’s health care system is constantly evolving and rapidly transforming. These changes, which would historically take decades to occur, are now happening in years if not in months. Payers are increasingly demanding that patient care be delivered at the highest quality but at the lowest cost. Healthcare managers, hospital directors and physicians are now being forced to come together in order to fine tune the final product of delivering value based care in the face of ever mounting regulations and restrictions. In doing so, the communication gaps between physicians and managers due to difference in training, background and viewpoint is becoming more apparent. Physician leaders are in a unique situation in bringing about this new organizational culture as they can bridge patient care and health care management strategy. All physicians are leaders at some level, as those who enter medical profession generally possess several natural leadership attributes such as intelligence, motivation, integrity, empathy, ambition and adaptability. It seems logical that one of the principle architects of the future healthcare delivery system will be the physician executive who through knowledge and experience will provide the best balance of protecting patient interests first and foremost, as well as the interest of all concerned. We all ultimately aspire to personal happiness and as physicians and leaders we have the potential to take important steps to achieve that happiness which correlates with our ultimate aim of patient satisfaction. Tuscaloosa County Medical Society desires to contribute towards the wellbeing of physicians and the community at large by providing support, information and a portal for communication.


Dr. Narayan Krishnamurthy, MD


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