Narayan Krishnamurthy, MD


Matthew Thom, MD


Secretary- Treasurer
John Dubay, MD,Ph. D


Past President

Ross Vaughn, M.D.


For Information Contact:
Lisa Taylor
Fax 205-759-6858




Maxwell Trust:


Dr. Albert Maxwell (Anesthesiology) left $30K in 1936 at time of his death. Initially the trust was used to pay nursing care for indigent surgery patients. In 1968, the funding changed to cover any indigent surgery patient care. Now, the funds are able to help any indigent patient care.


Other Donations Made:


2013- Angel Flight


Donations Planned:


Eagles Wings

DCH Foundation (Help & Hope Fund)

Alberta Elementary (Adopt-a-School endeavor with Medical Alliance)

Good Samaritan

Maude Whatley




























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