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Narayan Krishnamurthy, MD


Matthew Thom, MD


Secretary- Treasurer
John Dubay, MD,Ph. D


Past President

Ross Vaughn, M.D.


For Information Contact:
Lisa Taylor
Fax 205-759-6858




TCMS Vision


“To champion our community’s health and safety through physician leadership”


TCMS Mission


“The TCMS is an association of physicians dedicated to the advancement of science and medicine while working together to promote excellence in healthcare and the betterment of the wellbeing of our community. The society promises to serve its members with integrity and advocate a healthy environment in which our physicians practice and serve. TCMS desires to enhance physician cohesion and communication, facilitate continuing medical education among our members, and provide a forum to discuss moral, ethical, and social concerns relating to medical care. Above all, the society fosters a sense of professional conduct and competence while placing the welfare of our patients above other concerns.”


















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