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Announcing a new member benefit:

An exclusive HIPAA-secure messaging app Technology is changing daily and new communication tools are constantly affecting the way you communicate with your colleagues. Recognizing the need for physicians to have a secure, HIPPA-compliant way to communicate with other physicians about patient care, MASA has partnered with DocbookMD to meet this need. Because of this exclusive partnership, MASA members can use the free DocbookMD app to send HIPAAsecure messages directly from their iPad, iPhone and Android devices. All current MASA members will be pre-loaded in the DocbookMD system. Once you join Docbook, you will have access to more than 7,000 physicians in Alabama and can search by name, specialty or location. Information available to view is limited to practice name, address, phone number and fax, physician specialty and medical school. E-mail addresses will only be available to other physicians who are Docbook members. DocbookMD is a closed network, meaning only physicians have access. The smartphone app allows physicians to:


• Send HIPAA-secure text messages and photos;

• View read date/time stamp on all messages;

• Search the MASA physician directory and pharmacies statewide; and

• Collaborate with colleagues in real-time directly from the point of care.


In addition, physicians can assign each message a 5-minute, 30-minute, or normal response time. “If the recipient does not answer the message within 5 minutes or if the message does not get to the doctor, you will then get a notice back stating that it did not make it,” says DocbookMD co-creator Tim Gueramy, MD. Getting started with DocbookMD is easy. All you need is your MASA member number and an iPhone, iPad or Android, and then follow these simple steps:


1. Download DocbookMD by visiting the AppStore or Android Market.

2. Once downloaded, click Register.

3. Fill out your email address, select "Alabama," and then select your county.

4. Enter your MASA member number. (Call the MASA office at (800) 239-6272 if you need help identifying your number.)

5. Create a unique password and write it down for easy reference.

6. Complete the HIPAA-compliance form.

7. Connect with your colleagues by sending your first message!


DocbookMD is only available to Alabama physicians who are members of MASA. After signing up with Docbook, if you cannot find a colleague, encourage them to become a member.Contact MASA's Membership Department with any questions. (800) 239-6272.



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