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 “The achievement of an organization is dependent on the efforts of each individual and your membership in MASA will allow us to protect the profession we have been honored to serve. We look forward to working with you and maintaining future generations of excellence in the care of all Alabamians.”

-W. Jeff Terry, MD

MASA President 2011-2012


 Message from the Executive Director


          At this busy, but exciting time of year, let me thank you for the continued support you give to the Medical Association of the State of Alabama and your county medical society. Your support makes us one of the strongest state medical associations in the country.

            Because of our strength, we enjoy success in influencing the environment in which you practice. Our influence is demonstrated in advocacy efforts at the State Legislature, with our Congressional Delegation, and with regulatory agencies such as Medicaid, the Department of Public Health and workers’ compensation boards. We advocate on your behalf with third party payers and the business community, and take medicine’s message to civic and professional organizations.

            We also focus on keeping physicians and their office staff up-to-date on the changing practice environment through various educational offerings and through our communication media including MASA’s website, Alabama MD, Rotunda, and e-messages.

            Inside you will see a snapshot of services provided by MASA to it’s members. I encourage you to visit us online at to learn more.

            Again, thank you for the investment you continue to make in YOUR state medical association. Together, we can work for the betterment of medical practices and the improvement of health care for the citizens of Alabama.


— Cary J. Kuhimann

    Executive Director

    Medical Association of the State of Alabama


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